Did the delay on your Turkish Airlines flight exceed three hours? In such a case, you are entitled to claim Turkish flight delay compensation. The following post comprises all the relevant information about the same.

Usually, delays in Turkish Airlines don't exceed three hours or more. Sometimes, passengers face such situations due to expected events or safety purposes. If you have also experienced flight delays with the same airline, you may be eligible to get compensation up to 600 as per the EU law.

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Can I Claim Compensation for delayed flights from Turkey?

Yes, the airline allows passengers to claim delayed flight compensation whenever the delay is caused by the airline. According to EU 261, you will be eligible to file a claim when the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours. Including so, there are other conditions too that need to be considered while claiming compensation from the same airline.

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How to Claim Compensation for Turkish Delayed Flights?

Before claiming compensation, you must be aware of your arrival time, especially when you have rescheduled your flight. Also, the flight has to be delayed by more than 3 hours and the flight delay must be the fault of the airline to file a compensation.

Remember that you will not always receive compensation by the British and EU legislation since Turkish is a non-EU airline. Now, you should look at the following methods to file a compensation from the same airline.

Through Feedback Form

To file a Turkish airlines delayed flight compensation, you need to fill in the feedback form with Turkish Airlines. Here are the step-by-step instructions to do the same.

  • First of all, visit the official website of the airline.
  • After that, choose the Help section from the homepage.
  • Now, choose the feedback option.
  • And then, you need to choose one of the following options; continue with miles&smiles or continue without logging in.
  • Then, choose one of the options between new feedback or previous feedback.
  • To file a flight delay compensation, you have to select the new feedback option. Then, select the flight delay option.
  • Now, a form will display on your screen. Here, you need to enter all the mandatory information to file compensation.
  • Enter the first and last name of the passenger along with the email address.
  • Now, provide the contact details of the passenger and type in the booking reference code.
  • Type in your feedback related to the flight delay compensation around 2500 words.
  • Attach the required documents and upload it.
  • Finally, send the form by following the ongoing prompts and wait for their response.

This way, you can easily get compensation from Turkish Airlines. In case you have experienced any issues while filing a claim, immediately get connected with someone at the airline any time. They will also help you in getting compensation if the flight has been delayed more than three hours.

Documents Required to File Turkish Delayed Flight Compensation

If you are going to claim Turkish airlines flight delay compensation, it is mandatory to be aware of the documents required for the same. Below, you will find all the mandatory documents that will be required to file delay flight compensation from Turkish Airlines.

  • Passport copies
  • A copy of boarding passes
  • Bank account confirmation that it is only yours.
  • A confirmation email will be required if you have rescheduled the flight (optional).

If you have further queries related to the same, it is suggested to connect with someone at the airline. They may provide you with instant assistance related to the same.

How much Turkish Airlines compensate for delayed flights?

Are you looking for the amount of compensation for delayed flight Turkish Airlines? If yes, then you are here at the right place. Undergo the following information to know the correct amount of compensation from Turkey.

Remember that the compensation amount will be calculated on the distance of your flight.

For domestic flights within Turkey

  • EUR 50 for delays of under 2 hours
  • EUR 100 for delays exceeding 2 hours

For international flights

Check out the following table to know how much the airline compensates for the delayed flights.

Distance (In KM)Time ( In Hours)Compensation Amount (In EUR)
1,500less than 2 hours125
1,500more than 2 hours250
1,500 – 3,500less than 3 hours200
1,500 – 3,500more than 3 hours400
1,500 – 3,500less than 4 hours300
1,500 – 3,500more than 4 hours600

Still having queries related to the Turkish Airlines compensation amount? If yes, recommend getting in touch with one of the airlines representatives for instant assistance.

How to check the eligibility for Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation?

To qualify for claiming compensation on delayed flights, it is necessary to fulfil the following conditions. Take a glance at the following list to know more about the same.

  • More than three hours passed after the scheduled arrival time of your flight.
  • The flight delay should not have been caused by any unusual conditions, such as:
    • Employee and union strikes at airports
    • Issues with air traffic control
    • Closures of runways
    • Political or social upheaval
    • bird collisions
    • Bad weather-related medical crises
  • An alternate flight that was scheduled to arrive at a time close to or equal to your original flight was not offered to you.

Do you still need assistance regarding delayed flight compensation or Turkish Airlines booking? Then, we advise you to get connected with a live person at the airline for immediate support.

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